Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Here are some examples of Halston's chiffon beauties, the incredible thing about his clothes was their movement! This was due to thier construction, or lack of, the patterncutters were absolute magicians there, and they had to be to meet the demands of Halston's imagination. Many dresses were made with one continuous spiraling seam, with full bias cut 360 degree skirts. The innovation in cut is what clearly set him high above his peers. At his height, his only match in prestige and influence was the formidible Yves St. Laurent! So there were two schools of thought, American simplicity versus European extravagance!

The cool and ever elegant Halston, being congratulated by Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Grace Mirabella after one of his spectacular collections!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Here is an example of my work. This is a pullover shirt made of a soft stretch 'suede' fabric. The shirt is composed of two main pieces, the back and sleeves are one and the contrasting front. I cut it on the bias, giving that extra draped softness to it. The elimination of seams add to the relaxed ease. Again these are some of the principles I learned in studying Halston's work.
I've dedicated this blog to Halston, the first American superstar designer! Not only was he a true original but he was thoroughly American in his concept of design. He and Geoffrey Beene held to their philosophies of clothing being luxurious, but functional and above all else timeless! No matter what they were doing in Europe Halston always stayed focused with his own direction. I design clothes for men (and women) in my spare time, I will be showing and discussing my work and how Halston's influence has affected my own design concept. I, like him, believe firmly in the "less is more" minimal ideology. Please feel free to comment and interact with me!