Friday, November 27, 2009

When does a synthetic fabric surpass a natural one?  Years ago you wouldn't have even asked that  question because of the simple fact that they didn't!  Today is quite a different story.  It seems that during the seventies many synthetic fabrics came into their own and possessed the same tactile quality and look of natural skins and fabrics.  One of the best examples is Ultrasuede.  When you hear that word many fashionistas in the know, associate it with Halston.  He  put it on the map, and the luxurious beauty of the fabric was seen in many of his collections, ranging from tops to coats, dresses, pants etc.  The fabric had the look and  feel of the softest suede, and came in a rainbow of colors...... no wonder he flipped when he first saw it!  As luxurious as it was, it was also easy to care for and could even be washed!

      Lets face it........polyester has come a long way!!  Once looked upon with disdain by the fashionable.......polyester, along with a host of other synthetic fibers have found their way into the hands of some of the world's top designers.  Whether blended with natural fibers for easy care garments that travel well with minimum upkeep, or entirely on their own...... many synthetic fibers today  possess the best qualities of cotton, linen, silk, wool and a fraction of the cost.  I've recently become very attracted to fleece fabrics, the ones of good quality, that don't pill and have the luxe feel of cashmere and fine woolens.  I personally love the thin microfiber weights and use them in making shirts and pullovers  with matching mufflers and scarves for both warmth and style.  I've also discovered jacket weight fleeces with the look and feel of cashmere and I'm using them also for outerwear.   Another synthetic I love is moleskin....... which has a sueded silky appearance and feel and plan to use those in shirt jackets and pants.   I have many ideas but haven't taken the time to do the sketches......I plan on getting some done this weekend so you'll see first hand how I plan to use these new synthetic wonders!   Well that's all for now!   As I always say your comments are always welcome, so by all means don't be shy!  Cheerio!!