Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is the mark of a great designer? Is it his or her ability to constantly set trends or come up with something new, no matter if it is really wearable? Well, to me the mark of great design is timelessness. When a garment transcends time and can be worn in any year....whether its from the 30's 50's or 70' this respect you would have to say that Halston was indeed a truly great designer. Here for example are some pictures of his black and red cashmere cape, note the fluid lines....and what made his different from anything Bill, Calvin or Oscar would have done is the cut. Notice the picture of the cape laid out flat and you'll see that the opening is cut like a keyhole and not just simply slit up the center, this simple fact gives the cape a dramatic flow and fluidity. These are just some of the things that set his clothes high above his peers. Think how great this cape would look day or night and how dashing a woman would look and feel while striding down a city street! Timelessness.......that is real design!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well it seems that fall has arrived with winter right behind it! I just thought I do some desperately needed updating on my blog......I can't believe that I've neglected it for so long! I was quite involved with my Yahoo 360 page, and was doing all of my fashion posting there, but they've since done away with them and left something that is sorely lacking in substance!! I couldn't figure out how to post pictures of my sketches, things are so screwed up! So from henceforth, this will be my prime source of my ideas and discussions on fashion and of course the greatest American designer ever........Halston!!

Now I really must confess to you all that I'm a terrible procrastinator...and that fact has seriously hindered my creative processes, but I'm really working very hard on overcoming that. Well I finished a cotton gauze shirt last month and brought it up to the store in spite of the fact that the summer season was over. What the hell.......maybe someone will buy it for that upcoming winter vacation somewhere in the Caribbean. Well to my surprise, someone did buy it within a couple of weeks and another inquired about having one made since the original was too big. I thought well, it seems that this particular design has the potential to be quite popular, so I'll be creating more and with the shirt there will be a matching t-shirt, each sold separately. I posted the sketch so you can see exactly how I envisioned it, and I'm also going to adapt it for fall/winter in a thin fleece fabric, or cashmere/silk blend knit. Obviously the price will be higher with the use of cashmere.

I'm always interested in customer feedback on whatever I make and also to get an idea of the needs of an abstract public, so please feel free to comment and let me know what is on your mind. One of the greatest things that contributed to Halston's success was his rapport with his customer and what she or he needed for their active modern life. I feel exactly the same in an ivory tower, making unwearable clothing, is not my idea of being a successs